Natasha Scott is the owner of Starlityoga Studio, an ERYT-500 (highest level) and YACEP (Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider). Tash specializes in Yoga for Persistent Pain and has been training with Neil Pearson for many moons. She teaches Pain Care Yoga at her studio, along with Pain Care Education Group Sessions, and one on pain care coaching. Thru Yoga Alliance Natasha is certified in Prenatal Yoga (RYPT) and Children’s Yoga  (RYCT ) along with being a certified Thai massage and Reiki practitioner where all of her studies of pain care come into play. Tash is a lead teacher for The South Okanagan Yoga Academy where she brings in persistent pain education for yoga teachers. She is also co-owner of The Wellness Garden Doula Collective where she practices as a Doula, and finds her pain care education a massive gift to share for both pre and postnatal clients. 



Ray is a SOYA-trained, RYT 200 Yoga instructor who has been teaching throughout the community of Penticton for many years.  Ray is a trained Hatha, Prenatal, Postnatal and Restorative Yoga instructor who’s teachings are driven by her heart-centred practice. Ray is deeply invested in the enrichment of the community around her, especially in the realms of women’s well being, babies and birth.  Ray is a DONA trained Birth Doula, who has been supporting women to empower themselves through birth in her community for the past three years.  Ray is a blessed Mother of three magical little souls, who’s intention, on and off her mat, is to be present and continually seek out new ways to open through body and mind.  



Sanaz was born and raised in India and was introduced to yoga and spirituality at a very young age.  Her unique teaching style consists of guided meditation, various breathing exercises, and gentle yoga movements as she shares Eastern philosophy, Indian mythology, poetry and stories from around the world.  Her gentle and kind voice is soothing to the ear and her compassionate and loving energy allows the student to feel at peace and safe during practice. Sanaz is a RYT-200hr Hatha Yoga teacher and she interweaves the insights and practices of spirituality with yoga poses to rejuvenate the body, mind and soul.  



Dana began her professional career in 1995 as an orthopedic physiotherapist. It was through her experience working with others in physical therapy and in dealing with her own struggle with health-related issues, that she came to understand the intimate connection between body, mind and spirit and to love yoga. She is a lifelong student. Her education and training include 200hr YTT, an Interfaith Certificate in Applied Spiritual Counselling, the 2 year Living School Program at the Centre for Action and Contemplation, Trauma Informed Yoga Training, a certificate in Pain Care Yoga and in Advanced Pain Care Yoga and she has completed a 360 hour mentorship in Pain Science with Neil Pearson.  She and her husband, Ken are avid chanters and love to lead Kirtans. In addition to teaching yoga she leads spiritual practices workshops/retreats, and community-based recovery classes.  She is no longer working as a physio but is focusing her time and energy to being of service to those reclaiming their wholeness. Dana knows that we do not heal in isolation and that it takes relationships and community to heal our wounds and is therefore passionate about bringing together people in a way where our individual journeys harness and boost the collective journey. Dana hopes her passion to be of service, her compassionate heart and her knowledge of the body, along with her experience as someone who has lived with chronic pain, survived cancer and her lifelong quest for the “holy grail” will offer a supportive, compassionate and joyful yoga experience.



Rebecca began her yoga practice with Iyengar yoga in 2004 while she was a university student in Chicago. Since then, yoga has been a source of inner strength and stability through the ups and downs of life and three international moves across the United States, Germany, and finally here to the beautiful Okanagan, where she is grateful to have found such a wonderfully engaged and supportive yoga community. A SOYA-trained RYT-200 with additional training in Yoga & Mindfulness for Children from ChildLight Yoga, Rebecca teaches toddler, children’s, and family yoga, as well as alignment-based and restorative classes for adults. In both her children’s and adult classes, she seeks to quietly, yet playfully, engage our sense of wonder and curiosity about the workings of our minds, spirits, and bodies.



Savina has recently completed her SOYA RYT-200hr training and is looking forward to teaching. Savina is currently a Kinesiology student and an aspiring Physiotherapist who believes that movement is essential for the body and the mind. Yoga has allowed Savina to be able to connect with not only her body but also her mind. The practice of asana, pranayama, and meditation has allowed her to be more aware and compassionate towards herself. Savina would like to share these calming, and soulful techniques with her students. She hopes that these techniques allow her students to achieve inner peace and silence in this noisy world.



Francine Kelley, RYT500, is a warm, playful and compassionate yoga teacher, life coach, mom, and wife. Dedicated to life long learning, she approaches yoga as a living practice, on and off the mat. Francine loves holding space for others to explore themselves in new and deeper ways, gaining strength and creating ease in body and mind. Her intention is to provide an empowering and nourishing experience to her students meeting them where they are at. Francine’s passion to share yoga comes from her belief in the powerful and transformational benefits of practice that has helped her to cultivate greater awareness, resiliency, connection and peace. Creating space and ease in all aspects of being.

Francine’s love began with mediation as a student of buddhist teacher, Kushok Lobsang Dhamchöe, where she experienced the calming benefits from stress and anxiety. She was later introduced to yoga while healing after a car accident which transformed her life. After a 10 day silent Vipassana retreat, Francine decided to take yoga teacher training at SaltSpring Centre of Yoga, teachings of Baba Hari Dass. Francine taught yoga classes in Camrose, AB. for many years and later continued her studies with Lisa Babiuk in a 300hr Yoga as Therapy training. Furthermore, she completed a 35hr Yin training with Joe Barnett and Restorative with Sarah Domes.

Francine feels very blessed to now live in Penticton with her family and be part of an amazing community. Francine brings presence, generosity and love. She invites you to come play!

BJ Tumanut_Starlit Bio.png


BJ began practicing yoga in 2001 at around the same time she adopted Buddhism as her central method of self-development. Since then, she has remained engaged in an authentic Buddhist practice and has traveled the world gaining access to many beneficial teachers along the way. While doing her best to live Buddhism, BJ continued to pursue her interest in yoga with a keen interest in Iyengar Yoga. Finding yoga and Buddhist methods to be compatible and exceedingly useful, BJ decided to deepen her understanding and practice of yoga when she moved to Penticton as a way of meeting like-minded people and engaging with her new community in a meaningful and joyful way.

BJ completed her RYT-200 in the spring of 2019. Her yoga and meditation classes are focused on practical methods, aligned with the needs of daily living, and an abundance of positive vibes.

She looks forward to sharing yoga and her understanding of Buddhist methods with open and interested people.



Siobhan {Shivon}, aka,” Wisdom Warrior”, has recently become a SOYA – YTT – 200-hour graduate. She considers herself very lucky to have had Tash “the fab” leading the teacher training at the sacred space Starlit.

 She offers her students a slower, but strengthening class, focusing on safe alignments and the integration of some yoga wisdom. Her goal is to harness the union between mind, body and heart. Siobhan has been practicing Asana for around twenty years. Starting to dive deeper into the other limbs of yoga, particularly meditation and pranayama has brought her new found insights and Santosha. She looks forward to sharing wisdom in a playful way with the community.

In her spare time, Siobhan can often be found jumping in puddles, wishing on dandelions, and, occasionally skinny dipping under the moon.



Makeena Hartmann grew up in the Okanagan, and loves travelling, cats, creating art, and being active. She became interested in yoga after using it to help recover from a severe concussion. Makeena appreciates the power of yoga to enhance the connection between mind, body, and spirit. As a university student, she finds yoga to be an invaluable tool for relieving stress, calming the nervous system, and refreshing energy in a busy and hectic world. Makeena has competed her RYT 200 hr training through SOYA, and hopes to share the benefits and her love of yoga with others.

Darcie Johnson


Yoga has enhanced my life and the lives of my friends and family. In past two decades I’ve incorporated yoga to enhance my work as a personal trainer, coach and my work with at-risk youth. Sharing my energy, strength and dedication in my daily practice has organically become my passion. I’m constantly striving to learn from my peers to enhance and grow my skill set. I’m a SOYA trained, RYT 200 yoga instructor and I offer a class that helps you connect to yourself, challenge yourself and the opportunity to be gentle with yourself, without judgement. I recognize that each time we step on the mat we’re slightly different and my goal is to help you connect your ever-evolving self. 

Louise Kozier


Louise puts yoga at the heart of her life and is drawn to share yoga with others as the path to find greater happiness, peace and Self awareness and acceptance. Her classes will invite you to find a moving meditation. Join her on the mat to flow with breath, create space, build strength and flexibility and find deep relaxation and conscious rest.

With a 200hr certification from Devanna Yoga School, Louise’s yoga style is inspired by Ashtanga’s dynamic approach, Iyengar’s alignment philosophy and Krishnamcharya’s Yoga Krama method. A lifelong student Louise is deeply grateful to her teachers shining the light for her including Ryan Leier, Clara Roberts Oss, Carolyn Budgell, Natasha Scott and Anna Laurita.

Mary O'Neil


Mary is from Calgary Alberta where she completed her RYT 200hr Training. She has learned from a variety of incredible teachers and continues pursuing knowledge in all things wellness. Practicing asana, pranayama and meditation has allowed Mary to live with more compassion and connection with herself and others. Teaching has always been a part of Mary’s life and she is grateful to have the opportunity to share her knowledge of mindfulness and wellbeing with her students. Mary’s classes help you find balance and restoration in your body and mind and are great for all levels of experience. When not teaching you can find Mary surfing, cooking or hiking. She loves to travel and learn.