Registered 85-hr Pre-natal Yoga Teacher Certification  

We are proud to be a Yoga Alliance accredited School meeting all of their educational categories. The Prerequisites for this course are 200-RYT and a must read of Ina May Gaskin's book " Spiritual Midwifery". 

To get a feel for lead trainer Natasha Scott and for a sneak peek at the kind of things we will be covering check out our YouTube Video.

There are 3 modules for this course, you are welcome to take one module at a time, ie: your 25 hours this year and then your 25 upgrade for your 50hr the following year and so on. There is a 3 year limit to complete the course. 

You are welcome to do the modules back to back and be certified within the 13 days plus 10 hours of Prenatal Yoga Teaching after the course. If you would like to take the course all at once the cost of the training will be reduced to $2000. The course, numbers pending, will run every November 1-13th. All prices include beautiful meals cooked by Gods Mountain's Chef Alexandra Ananda, and your accommodation on the 119 acre stunning Gods Mountain Retreat Center.

Module 1 /25 Hour: $700  

  1. Community Building
  2. intention setting, wellness teams
  3. 6 major components of Prenatal Class ( including Vocal Toning, Pelvic floor toning, pranayama, asana, relaxation.....)
  4. Theming
  5. Doula Workshop ( basic anatomy, hormones, depression,)
  6. Trimester Break down
  7. Building a Prenatal Class
  8. Naturopath Workshop ( pre and post natal nutrition)

Module 2 / 25 Hour $700

  1.  8 major Themes
  2. Community meet and greet
  3. Midwife Workshop
  4. Subtle Anatomy ( chakra's, kosha's, Vayu's, nadi's, pranic healing, meditations)
  5. TCM Workshop ( energy lines and co relating asana's and certain contradictions)
  6. Partner Yoga and massage
  7. Lesson Planning

Module 3 / 35 Hour

  1. Leading Prenatal Classes
  2. Lesson Plans
  3. Practical Exams
  4. Written Exams
  5. Business of Prenatal Yoga
  6. Pelvic Floor Physio therapist Workshop ( 6 hour workshop exclusively on the Pelvic Floor and abdomen, healing the body after vaginal birth and C section Birth)