Prenatal Yoga Training

We hope you can come join us this May long weekend for a 20hr Pre and Post Natal Yoga Teacher training. This course will light you up and would be massively beneficial to  yoga teachers, doula’s, nurses, or anyone wanting to have a deeper understanding and knowledge of the benefits of yoga for all 4 trimesters, and on. For those of you that are RYT’s this will count towards continued education for you.

Who’s offering this incredible course:

Ray is a Birth Doula, co-creator of The Wellness Garden Doula Collective, and ERYT-200.  Ray’s practice is a heart-centred offering to women, gently guiding them to empower and ground themselves throughout their journey of pregnancy and birth with breath work, meditation, asana (physical positioning), guided visualization, mentorship, and above all – sisterhood.  As a Mother of three little spirits, she understands the power that Birth encompasses, and the inherent nature of how to cherish and nourish a labouring woman.  The centre of her intention working with birthing women, is to help foster a supportive community, so that women may strengthen themselves and find support through shared experiences, and interconnectedness in this magical period of life.  She is deeply deeply grateful to be a part of such a powerful, supportive and centred birth community with The Wellness Garden Doula Collective.

Natasha loves birth, she is RPYT, ERYT-500, YACEP, Doula, co-creator of The Wellness Garden Doula Collective, owner of Starlit Yoga, Thai Massage and Reiki practitioner and doTERRA Wellness Advocate. She has been teaching Prenatal Yoga in her community for many moons and has fallen madly in love with the Pre and Post natal community and is passionate about keeping this community strong and bright. Natasha has been blessed to be present at many beautiful births. She loves putting all the yoga tools into motion during labor to help woman connect to their Rhythm, Ritual, and ultimately Relaxation.

What is included in this course:
Community building 
Class Breakdown( 6 Main Things) 
Trimester Breakdown 
8 major Themes
Building a prenatal yoga class 
Birth Language
Couples Prenatal yoga
Post Natal training

Self Investment : $300
May 17-19, 2019
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