Starlit Yoga's Core Values

We believe that the balance of body, mind and spirit are integral to our healing.
We believe we must laugh as hard as we listen and in order for our spirits to fly we must be balanced in compassion and wisdom. 
Love + Action = Light.

We believe we can achieve more together than alone. 
We are moving towards positive change in our world, in our community and in our hearts. 
We believe we are all connected by the stars.

We believe that we are never done learning.
We respect and honour everyone's path.
We support each other by sharing and listening.
We believe in the magic of the stars, the ancient teachings, the current teachings, and the teachings we humbly await to receive.
We stay humble.

Contact Us

Starlit Yoga
102- 100 Nanaimo Avenue East
Penticton, BC

T: +1 250 328 2854

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All photos by Preserved Light Photograhpy