Consciousness Medicine


Intuitive Trauma Therapist

Intuitively guided, Laura is immune system focused and works with substance response on a cellular level.  Allergy, Endocrine and anxiety are her specialties.

Trained in connective tissue release, Ancient Chinese Medicine concepts Five Elements & Meridian therapies, Shamanic healing arts, Vendantic concepts & Self Regulation Therapy.

Laura works as a High Trauma  intuitive spiritual therapist for the First Nations Health Authority & over 25 First Nations Bands across Northern BC

As a highly practiced body translator & trained to regulate the stress and fear response in clients, one session is often said to equal 20 conventional counselling sessions.

Distant followup sessions are available. Book with Laura at

What I do:
I am an intuitive medicine worker - my tools are sourced in modern concepts of energy healing and ancient cultural techniques - so each treatment is guided by your body - I sense what tools and focuses that are requested by your body to heal the pathology. I have clients that call me a "shrink for the body"  because most of our illness and pain is emotional and mind oriented, and I can tell you what "mind issue" IE: control, overreactions, anxiety, shame, emotions, and with a combination of your awareness and the techniques your body guides me to, we release as much as your body allows in a session.

I specialize in Immune System work, cancer, allergy, autism etc but I work with everyone. 

I have multiple trainings from different practices: Body Psychology, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Sho Tai, Reiki, VEDA consciousness of ancient yoga vedantic meditation, cranial sacral, ancestral lineage healing, ho'oponono  (hawaiian), Chakras, Archetypal Jungian concepts, Astrological houses/signs, Peruvian Shamanic Concepts, First Nations Narrative Healing. Body Talk, Foundation for Shamanic Studies, Family Constellation.

How I learned this: I was brain damaged from an accident with a semi @ 24, and had immediate and huge response in healing from working with complimentary medicine. I trained aggressively, and advertised aggressively to have a fulltime practice for the last 10 years. So now I work to find the authentic way to bring this work to the main stream, in a collaborative, community way in The Way Clinic. 

Who I work on: My Favourite clients are serious about health and growth, they have done a lot of work to get better, dietary, mental, meditation, and especially all conventional recommendations from the medical practitioner. But I  also love to work with people deep in hard spots. Way Clinic has a focused mission statement and funding for families in trauma or with Autistic children, clients from the Emergency Shelters, trauma response with the local Bands, and ongoing workshops for training anyone that wants to know how to do this work.