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Starlit Yoga gives back

As a Community Yoga Studio it is important to us that we support the members within our community and within the communities that we teach abroad. Throughout the year we hold initiatives to support a variety of people and organizations. We are so grateful that our little studio can give so much.


Supporting Young Athlete Jaren Le Franc

One of our yoga regulars let us know of an amazing young athlete Jaren Le Franc and his efforts to raise money in order to represent Canada at the 2019 FISU Summer Universiade in Naples, Italy. This multi-sport event is held every two years at the beginning of July. It is the second biggest multi-sport games in the world, next to the Olympics. Unfortunately, the participation fee rose from $500 in 2017 to approximately $5000. This is seen amongst many other sports as well. In order to represent Canada this summer, the athletes must pay their way.

While Jaren is in Penticton this summer raising money for his trip Starlit Yoga is offering him free yoga at the studio to support his training. If you would like to support Jaren, you can do so on his fundraising page on Rally Me.

Melaque Initiative

One of the SOYA trainings and retreats takes place in Melaque Mexico each year. This was the first year that Starlit Yoga’s owner, and lead SOYA trainer Natasha Scott went. She was so moved by the people she met there that she wanted to connect Starlit Yoga to support the community where the training is held.

We received word of a family that is need of support. Details are below. We would love for our community to support this family.

On Tuesday September 25th a terrible tragedy occurred. My oldest brother Martin, his baby son Bayron, and his daughter Mayte got into a terrible accident. A car crashed into them a few blocks away from home. My one year old baby nephew Bayron died at the scene. My little 12 year niece Mayte suffered severe injuries. She hit her head hard causing her to be unconscious, has peeled skin from all over her body along with blisters, broke her left leg in many pieces, and injured her lungs. Mayte will be needing metal plates on her left leg. My brother Martin, age 38, suffered severe injuries as well. He also hit his head extremely hard. He had to get his left foot amputated and now his right leg amputated a little below the knee. My brother also has blisters and skin peeled off all over his body. He injured his kidney. I am asking help from anyone and everyone to please help us help my brother and his family. He was the head of the household of his family. He was a scuba diver, that was his way of putting food on the table for his family. Now after the accident he will need as much help and support for his family, Mayte in the hospital, his younger daughter Dulce, his wife Nora, and his son Chuy. It breaks our hearts for everything that happened and is going on. Mayte and Martin are still in the hospital fighting for their life’s. Neither have woken up yet. Mayte is starting to move her fingers and hands. The doctors are concerned of her hand movements. They might fear she might have brain damage. Many more studies are being done to both Mayte and Martin. I am asking anyone who would like to donate anything they can to keep paying for their studies, medicine, care, and medical bills, and help them with a new way of living. Thank you all for your help and support. God bless you all.

❤ Read Latest Update It’s been two and a half weeks since the terrible accident. Baby Byron has been buried and the grieving family has pulled together to attend to the survivors as they struggled for their lives. Martin has endured 2 amputations to his left leg and 1 on his right leg. His legs are slowly healing, finally infection free. His skin is also starting to heal. Martin's kidneys are healthy now. Mayte had surgery on her right leg already and it is so far showing good improvements. Her skin is still in the healing process. She has also beat pneumonia ❤. Mayte has had brief periods of consciousness only. The doctors who were attending her gave us terrible news a few days ago. They told us she was never going to be the same little girl anymore and that she was never going to be able to walk, talk, eat, or move much on her own. We were heart broken. But we did not lose hope. Today a miracle happened <3 ...Today she was seen by a pediatric neurologist. After a few studies were done, she gave us amazing news. Mayte’s assessment by the pediatric neurologist shows an active and healing brain scan. She is still unconscious but there is every reason to believe she will recover with close, if not, a complete return to normal. ❤❤❤❤ Their specialized care has been continued to be expensive. We are so incredibly grateful to all who have supported their healing journey up to now. If you could help us reach our goal by making an additional financial contribution and/or encouraging friends and colleagues to consider making a donation, it would strongly support this next rehabilitative stage of their journey as they make their way to a new normal. Thank you all for your help and prayers ❤❤❤

Your donation will go directly to support this local family who were involved in a tragic motor vehicle accident earlier this year.

Baby Byron was killed instantly, and father Martin and daughter Mayte have serious and life-altering injuries.

Please help us help them receive the medical care they desperately need and overcome the enormous burden of emotional and financial strain as the family transitions.

Your support is so gratefully received...

Donations can be made here:

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