Natasha Scott is the owner of Starlityoga Studio. She is a RYT-500 (highest level).  Thru Yoga Alliance Natasha is specially certified in  Prenatal Yoga RYPT and Children s Yoga  RYCT. She specializes in Yoga for Chronic Pain and was trained with Neil Pearson (lifeisnow.ca).

Natasha is a certified Thai massage and Reiki practitioner. She teaches a wide range of Hatha Yoga where all of these influences take place.  



Ray is a SOYA-trained, RYT 200 Yoga instructor who has been teaching throughout the community of Penticton for many years.  Ray is a trained Hatha, Prenatal, Postnatal and Restorative Yoga instructor who’s teachings are driven by her heart-centred practice. Ray is deeply invested in the enrichment of the community around her, especially in the realms of women’s well being, babies and birth.  Ray is a DONA trained Birth Doula, who has been supporting women to empower themselves through birth in her community for the past three years.  Ray is a blessed Mother of three magical little souls, who’s intention, on and off her mat, is to be present and continually seek out new ways to open through body and mind.  



Karen first found yoga in her teens as a way to combat the feelings of mistrust she had living in a body that was often fatigued and anxious. She struggled with self-esteem and had a disconnect between body and mind. She can still recall the first chair yoga video she took, and the feelings of empowerment and connection for perhaps the first time in her life. Yoga has been a steady companion for the past 12 years,  she is an RYT-200hr trained yogi in the Kripalu tradition. Yoga has taught her how to breathe, open her heart, and be present for all of the sensations in her body. She has been teaching yoga since June 2015 and is grateful to be able to share compassionate and slow, yet strong, practices with her students. She believes that yoga is for every body, and aims to create a space for students to connect with Self.



Sanaz was born and raised in India and was introduced to yoga and spirituality at a very young age.  Her unique teaching style consists of guided meditation, various breathing exercises, and gentle yoga movements as she shares Eastern philosophy, Indian mythology, poetry and stories from around the world.  Her gentle and kind voice is soothing to the ear and her compassionate and loving energy allows the student to feel at peace and safe during practice. Sanaz is a RYT-200hr Hatha Yoga teacher and she interweaves the insights and practices of spirituality with yoga poses to rejuvenate the body, mind and soul.  

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Dana aspires to have a servant’s heart. She began her professional career as an orthopedic physiotherapist. It was through her experience working with others in physical therapy, that she came to understand the intimate connection between body, mind and spirit. Her education and training include 200hr YTT, an Interfaith Certificate in Applied Spiritual Counselling, Trauma Informed Yoga Training and she is a Reiki Master.

Dana knows that we do not heal in isolation and that it takes relationships and community to heal our wounds and is therefore passionate about bringing together people in a way where our individual journeys harness and boost the collective journey.  

Dana hopes her passion to be of service, her compassionate heart and her knowledge of the body, along with her experience as someone who has lived with chronic pain, survived cancer and her lifelong quest for the “holy grail” will offer a supportive, compassionate and joyful yoga experience.



Louise puts yoga at the heart of her life.  On and off the mat, Louise finds meaning and guidance in ancient yogic teachings . She uses her asana and meditation practice to anchor her life as working mama to two busy boys, striving to find “santosha”, contentment in the now, no matter what life throws at her! 

Louise is drawn to share yoga with others as the path to find greater happiness, peace and Self awareness and acceptance. She offers sweet juicy vinyasa flow classes that combine movement with breath to leave you feeling “yoga good”,  Louise also teaches deeply restorative classes and yoga nidra to help cultivate the art of relaxation and create a place of stillness for healing and renewal of body, mind and spirit. She also unleashes her playful side in kids yoga, combining song and story-telling with yoga poses. 

With a 200HR certification from Devanna Yoga School, Louise’s yoga style is inspired by Ashtanga’s dynamic approach, Iyengar’s alignment philosophy and Krishnamcharya’s Yoga Krama method. A lifelong student Louise is deeply grateful to her teachers shining the light for her, especially Nastasha Scott, Anna Laurita, Clara Roberts Oss, Carolyn Budgell,  Ryan Leir and Jaromir Kynl. 

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Devie strives to empower and inspire everyone she meets with her compassion for herself and others. Devie is an elementary school teacher in School District 67. She has a strong fervor to teacher her students how to live a healthy lifestyle through the habits of yoga and Ayurveda. Devie recently completed a 40 hour Yoga for Youth Teacher Training in Vancouver BC led by yoga activist and master teacher Krishna Kaur Khalsa. Yoga and Ayurveda have been pivotal in Devie’s own healing journey and she is devoted to helping others heal in a holistic manner. In early 2018 Devie spent 1 month studying Ayurveda at Vaidyagrama Healing Center in Coimbatore, India. After her first hand experience in India she has changed her lifestyle to reflect the timeless habits of Ayurveda. By living in closer alignment with nature she has experienced deep physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing.

Devie is also a dedicated runner and has completed 3 marathons and various triathlons. Likewise she knows the importance of stillness in today’s chaotic world. Her deep love for running and mindfulness has inspired her to create a program called Soul Sisters to help teen girls find their happy “pace” in life.



Rebecca began her yoga practice with Iyengar yoga in 2004 while she was a university student in Chicago. Since then, yoga has been a source of inner strength and stability through the ups and downs of life and three international moves across the United States, Germany, and finally here to the beautiful Okanagan, where she is grateful to have found such a wonderfully engaged and supportive yoga community. A SOYA-trained RYT-200 with additional training in Yoga & Mindfulness for Children from ChildLight Yoga, Rebecca teaches toddler, children’s, and family yoga, as well as alignment-based and restorative classes for adults. In both her children’s and adult classes, she seeks to quietly, yet playfully, engage our sense of wonder and curiosity about the workings of our minds, spirits, and bodies.



Practicing gymnastics from an early age, finding yoga was an inevitable and miraculous gift. My practice has helped me become more flexible and fearless, both on and off the mat. Becoming a yoga teacher has not only allowed me to grow as a student, but I am now able to share the transformative possibilities of this beautiful practice. Yoga is joy, freedom and release. I want to help others find this release so that they can comfortably and confidently move their bodies through all the wonders and challenges of life. I aim to create classes that are powerful, playful, and heartfelt, while maintaining a steady connection to breath and balance. Steadiness requires awareness and encompasses the idea of equilibrium, a state where opposite forces are balanced, and I encourage students to find this balance and carry it with them off the mat.



Savina has recently completed her SOYA RYT-200hr training and is looking forward to teaching. Savina is currently a Kinesiology student and an aspiring Physiotherapist who believes that movement is essential for the body and the mind. Yoga has allowed Savina to be able to connect with not only her body but also her mind. The practice of asana, pranayama, and meditation has allowed her to be more aware and compassionate towards herself. Savina would like to share these calming, and soulful techniques with her students. She hopes that these techniques allow her students to achieve inner peace and silence in this noisy world.



I have an abounding love for life and am in a constant state of awe in what the universe has offered to me, and to all of us, life. Yoga has allowed me to harness this love of life and to share it with others through guiding yogis in practice. I started my practice over a decade ago, but it wasn’t until 2010 that I truly began to dive deep into the depths of yoga and all it has to offer. I completed my 200 hour Hatha training in 2013 and have since had the pleasure of completing my 50 hour Yin certification under the brilliant Bernie Clark and Diana Batts, explored Pain Care Yoga and the science behind pain with the extraordinary Neil Pearson, as well as completed a Pre/Postnatal workshop; connecting my doula work to my love of yoga. Yoga means union, it not only offers the tools to create balance in your life, it can help you through the good, the bad and the ugly as it also teaches that we are the main ingredient to our own happiness. 
I so profoundly believe in the benefits of a regular yoga practice that it is my goal to make yoga accessible for all walks of life. It has been through this belief that I began teaching specialized classes for Brain Injury, MS and Muscular Dystrophy as well as classes for those in their Golden Years.
On and off the mat, I approach life and yoga with a light-hearted playfulness. I love a challenge but always remember to smile and not take life or asanas too seriously. The power of breath, meditation and mantra repetition have taught me to embrace silence and cultivate a stillness within.
Whether you are looking for a physical challenge or to deepen your understanding of all things yoga, my playful classes will challenge you physically and open the door to the ethereal side of yoga. Until then, be well and smile often.